Miniature Butterfly Kite
Dimensions (4 7/8" W X 2 1/2" H) (124mm W x 65mm H)
Colors Available As shown.
This kite requires a HUGE investment of my time, and three times the materials that go into making
a miniature diamond kite, but it is truly something few people have seen. It is a Japanese-paper and
hand-split bamboo kite with an adjustable two-legged bridle. It is very stable in light winds up to about
five miles an hour, and flies well indoors. It is as close to the size of a real swallowtail as I can get.
Maybe even a little smaller, depending on where you live.
The original prototype of this kite was almost seven inches wingtip to wingtip.  An original
hand-colored prototype sold at auction in 2002, for thirty-five dollars.
These come packaged in a clear, hinged, plastic box completely assembled with tails, flying line
and winder. Flying tips are included on the inside label. Ready to fly!
Handmade in the
by me.