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Cool Kite Pulldown Gadget
At WSIKF 2005, I flew my brand new, bigass
HQ 7.0 Flowform kite for the first time.  This
kite nicely pulls a lot of 1500 pound braided
dacron line into the air, even with a pair of 100
foot tube tails attached.  (I bought the kite, line,
and tails from Ken and Becky Cage, at Colors
on the Wind.)  I've since, bought a second one
from Steve and Chris, at
Gone With the Wind

I came to Long Beach loaded with a sand
shovel and sand bag to anchor the kite, but
wasn't sure how I was going to get the sucker
down, once it was nailed in the sky.

Because I'm constantly surrounded by good
winds and awesome friends, T-Barry was right
there with one of his own sand anchors and
lots of really cool help.  T-Barry and Susan
have been flying the big stuff for years, now.  
He sold me on his sand anchors, and gave me
an extremely visible (ten-mile-orange),
one-square-yard sheet of ripstop, with nylon
webbing sewn from corner to corner, that he
made.  I'd seen these sand anchors in stores,
but didn't really trust them.  Believe me,
though.  They work!

We got the kite up, and were patting each other
on the back, when doubt reared it's ugly head.  
"How's skinny me gonna get this thing down, if
the wind picks up, Barry?"
He laughs.
I'm serious.
The girls are playing horseshoes.

I mentioned to T-Barry that I should make a
pull-down with a pulley.  WSIKF is the third
week in August.  By the time we met again at
the Up Your Wind Festival, in Pacific Beach,
the weekend after Labor Day, T-Barry had
made this thing.  This beautiful, stainless steel
swivel and nylon webbing strap, with a ball
bearing pulley that opens up to put it on the
kite line, or clean the sand out of it.
And gave it to skinny me.  The weakest link in
this thing is rated for 750 pounds, so I can pull
my big kites down, or go for a ride.
Thanks, T-Barry.

If you want to talk to T-Barry about this very
cool thing,
email him, and maybe you can talk
him into making one or more to sell to you.

Hey, it's worth a try.

He wants to retire to Tahiti, too.
T-Barry's Cool Kite Pulldown
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