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Miniature Kite Menu
Here's where you can find a list of the miniature
and mini kites I've made or collected.  Not all
the kites I've made are here, but the kites that
fly are!

The details of each kite are included, with a
description of the materials used to make the
kite, the kite's size and a little about the flight
characteristics.  The train kite has a video file
that shows it during flight.

I will have pictures of miniature kites from my
collection, soon!

Thanks for stopping to look around.

Mini Kite Train of 101 Diamond Eddy Kites by Tom Tinney
Miniature Dragonfly Kites by Tom Tinney
Miniature Fly kite by Tom Tinney
Miniature Butterfly Kite by Tom Tinney
Miniature Diamond Eddy Kites by Tom Tinney
Miniature Chinese Pheasant Kite by Tom Tinney