WELCOME to littlekites.com!
This page created and maintained by Tom Tinney.  littlekites.com 2009
by me.
Welcome to Littlekites.com, featuring  miniature kites, mini kites, a
miniature kite train, a miniature butterfly kite, dragonfly kites, a fairy
kite, a tiny housefly kite and bigger kites.

For kids, teachers, educators, moms, dads and kite clubs, I've also
included a page about a
kids kite that's quick and easy to make.
Or, if you're in the mood to make some miniature kites yourself, I
give some tips on my
how to page and throughout the site, by way
of describing some of the materials and techniques I used for making
the kites.

I'll be adding old and new kites to the pages listed above, as the
weather cooperates and the time becomes available to get out and
actually fly the kites in my kite bag.

I didn't make all the kites you'll find on this website, nor did I design
all the kites I DID make.  I try to give credit where it's due, because
we all know how vengeful kite fliers are.

Thinking about it, I probably didn't make or even pay for most of the
really great kites you'll find here.  Unless I have to count buying a
raffle ticket, or being lucky enough to have people just
give me kites
because I'm such a swell guy.

What I hope to do with this site, is to provide some information and
promote flying and making kites.  If I happen to get filthy rich and
have to retire to Tahiti in the process, I'll just try to make the best of

The only kites I have for sale here, are the miniature kites I make.  I
deal mostly with retailers and people that want custom graphic
applications on the sails of the diamond Eddy kites, but if you want a
few of the kites I make, please check the "Buy Online" button.

Enjoy the site and
drop me a line, if you're so inclined.
Please include the word KITES in the subject line, so it's easier for
me to distinguish your REAL EMAIL from the SPAM I get

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!
Tom Tinney
George Peters Pterosaur Kite Made by Tom Tinney
Me Working Hard
Fairy Kite by Tom Tinney
Mini Kite Train  101 Diamond Eddy Kites by Tom Tinney
Green Miniature Dragonfly Kite by Tom Tinney
miniature Fly kite
Red and Green Miniature Dragonfly Kites by Tom Tinney
Three Diamond Eddy Miniature Kites by Tom Tinney
Handmade in the