"Stormy" Weathers Victory Star
Warren Obert "Stormy" Weathers
Dec. 22, 1921-April 7, 2003
This is a kite I got at an A.O.K. spaghetti feed and raffle, at WSIKF '98. I didn't make many friends by winning this, but have
met plenty by flying it. I didn't know Stormy when I got this kite, but learned of him when people went out of their way to find
out who was flying it. Lots of people know Stormy's kites. And lots of people came over to see if he was the one flying this.
"Stormy" was known for having a kite in
his bag that would fly when there was no
wind for anyone else. He's made attempts
at the world altitude record, with a larger
version of this kite. I met him one year at
the W.S.I.K.F. and asked him some things about it.
He wasn't nearly as mean as he looked,
and he told me plenty. Mostly I remember

asking him if I should be flying it.  He sort
of gave me a funny look and asked if I'd fly
an original Eddy kite.  I think he could tell I
was still pretty green to the kiting community,
and was putting me on.   I used to take it to
all the festivals and kite flys I went to, just in
case there was no real wind around, but not
any more.  To me, it IS like having an original Eddy.
It's actually some sort of sled kite, cross-bred with a high-aspect diamond, or maybe just a winged sled kite. Either way,
I've had about 750' of line out with it, when there was virtually no wind on the ground.
"Stormy" made this kite out of his usual
high-tech materials: plastic bags, plastic
straws, masking tape, dowels and the
"handyman's secret weapon", duct tape.
I'm pretty sure he told me he heat welded
the different colors of plastic together, with
a soldering iron arrangement, but I'm not
picking it apart to find out.
Here's the label, with the particulars, and
Stormy's seal of approval. Note the beach
sand in the masking tape that holds the straw
to the sail.
I really like this kite!