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George Peters Pterosaur Kite
This kite was my first effort in ripstop. It's a George Peters design that came from the book 'Kiteworks' by
Maxwell Eden. It took me three months to cut and sew in a small apartment, while living in the Seattle area.
I fly this on 300lb braided dacron line, in case I dump it in the water and have to drag it back in.
The first year I competed at Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach,
Washington, this kite brought me a third place in the intermediate figure and novelty division.

That year at W.S.I.K.F., I met a couple from Kentucky that were flying the same kite done in
a rainbow pattern. Each year since, there seem to be one or two new pterosaurs in the sky.
It's basically a modified delta kite, so is pretty stable when it flies.

If you get the bug to make one of these, there was something important left out of the book.
There should be a stabilizing line from the back tip of the head to each end of the spreader
tips. Without this line the kite will wander, or even start to pull huge circles.