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Mini Kite Train
This train was made using 101 of my three-inch
sun and moon kites.

This is the first time I'd tried making a kite train,
miniature or otherwise.  It was at least 101 times
of saying to myself, "I hope this flies".

Just like a full size kite train, they are all flown on
one line.  The flying line is "SPIDERWIRE", a
Spectra fused micro-filament fishing line.  The
five kites on the end are about two feet apart,
and the rest are about 18 inches apart.  That
makes the train about 150 feet long.

The picture and movie were taken the first day I
flew this, before I shortened the tails on the
kites.  The train flew great, even with the tails
getting tangled on the next kite up the line.  After
shortening the tails to about 16 inches, the whole
thing looked like a millipede and still flew great!

At the W.S.I.K.F., in Long Beach, Washington,
Monday features arches and trains.  The Lilac
City Windchasers (mostly from Spokane,
Washington) are well known for their kite trains,
and were giving me a good-natured ribbing for
"hogging all the wind" with this.

The judges were kinder.  I was given a ribbon
for "Most Unique Train" on Monday, and a
second place in the "Kahuna Class" Trains,
Arches and Centipedes on handcrafted day.  
Not bad for a bunch of tissue, bamboo, and
way too much time on my hands.

I placed this kite for auction at the World Kite
Museum's fund-raiser.  I won't say how much it
went for, but Charlie M'Clary took most of it
home, to San Diego
This is a short movie clip of the train in flight.
Handmade in the
by me.