Handmade in the
by Gary Resnick
Miniature Gary Resnick Kite
I have a friend in Florida that I've never actually met.  Gary Resnick makes and flies all sorts of stuff.
During the last few years, he's sent me a prototype line dropper thing that might wind up here on another page, if I ever get
around to it, and traded me a Japanese Koinobori for a small train of my diamond kites.
Recently, he sent me this beautiful miniature he made, and I want to share it with you.
It has a delicate tissue sail, and finely split bamboo spars.
Some of the work on this is far beyond my skills, and reminds me of the Charlie Sotich kites I have, and have seen.
Again, I wanted to share it with you.
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This box is
about the size
of a dollar bill,
to give it some
scale.  The kite
is the blue thing
in it
The kite itself
about an inch
and a half wide,
by three and a
half inches tall.
Gary's kite flies great indoors, for a single bridle point!
I'm going to try to get him to adopt a two point bridle for it, and maybe some spar mods.
Gary's kite website is here.