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Miniature Fly Kite
I made this kite for the "Smallest
Kite" competition at WSIKF '04,
in Long Beach, Washington.

It has a cellophane sail, and a
single piece of split bamboo for
the spine.  It's a delta shape, with
no keel and a single bridle point.  
The tail is sewing thread, and the
bridle is a piece of my hair.  The
flying line is mono-filament thread,
glued to the end of the bridle.  The
sail is folded along the center, with
no spreader on the back, so it can
be adjusted for whatever the wind
conditions might be, out on the
For the last two or three years, they have
been judging only on size and flight, having
everyone compete in a single class.  When
the judges don't want to be caught in the
middle of a measuring war, they have the
spectators decide by applause for each

This kite was awarded first place, and has
been mounted inside the button, at the
center of the ribbon.

I'm going to have to go even smaller next
year, as the competition was pretty stiff,
this year.  Guess I'll have to drag out the
microscope and blow the dust off it.  Or,
bring candy bars to bribe the spectators.
Rick White was kind enough to supply the
photo of the fly kite in my hand.
You can see more of Rick's photography at
the Washington Kiteflyers Association
(WKA) website.
Handmade in the