This page created and maintained by Tom Tinney. 2009
Handmade in the
by me.
Fairy Kite  (dragonfly lady)

I called this kite "Teena"
when I first started
working on her..  Others
call her a fairy, a
dragonfly lady, and even
a squid girl.  I just call her
"the headache", now.

She's a cross between a
"noodle" and one of my
dragonfly kites.  The
body is ripstop nylon
appliqué, and the wings
are a reinforced laminate
that reflects all colors of  
the spectrum.
The first year I tried to compete with her, the wind was not cooperating, and I
broke one of the connectors for her wings, so I scratched her from the
The next year, I'd revamped the connectors and added the tail material.  The
sun was shining, and the wind was cooperating, so she brought home a
respectable second, in Masters-class "figure and novelty".
There are still some things I think I should change on this kite, so will be
updating this page someday.
This picture gives some idea of the size of this kite.

I still prefer making miniature kites.