Green Body Miniature Dragonfly Kite
The original prototype of this kite had bamboo spars
and a blue body. It earned a respectable second
place against the big stuff, at the 1999 Washington
State International Kite Festival, Figure and Novelty
category, Masters division.
I make these kites using metallic mylar and
irridescent/clear cellophane materials. The spars are
mono-filament that have been given two different
angles of bend, using heat. The wings closest to the
head are overlapped by the leading edge of the
second pair of wings, but not glued together, giving
the effect of the kite having four separate wings. The
tail is made of tissue, making it the least durable part
of the kite. The tail is also the only giveaway that this is
a kite, while it's flying.
They fly very much like a dragonfly does, dipping and
hovering, depending on wind conditions. This kite flies
well, indoors and out.
Each kite is packaged in a reusable and
recyclable clear plastic box with flying
instructions on the inside label. They are
completely assembled with flying line, winder
and tail. Ready to fly!
$12.00 each

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less than 50 dollars.
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by USPS Priority mail.)

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Two videos of these kites in flight were posted by their
happy new owners.

One video is from Gabe, in Singapore.  
See it here.

The other is from Lex, in the United Kingdom.  
See his blog.

Thanks to both, for making this page better!