Handmade in the
by me.
Miniature Chinese Pheasant Kite
This kite is a much smaller, much simpler version of a Chinese Pheasant kite that's been around forever.  
This one has a sail dimension of about 3"W x 1½"H.
I print these on Japanese tissue with a color laser printer so the ink doesn't fade or smudge, then cut them
out by hand.  The spars are hand split bamboo, with a curve steamed into the horizontal spar.  The tails on
this are about 18" long, but the kite pulls them very easily.
I've competed with
this style a few
times, usually
losing to a smaller

In 2009, it was
beaten by Diane
O'Brien of British
Columbia, so she
got to take that
one home with her.

I do sell these, but
ask ten dollars
each for them, as
they take forever
to cut out.
You can order
them and other
kites by using the
button above.
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